Complete this form if you're interested in a year-long agreement to help park managers care for and improve park lands and facilities.

Individual volunteer application:

Complete this form if you'd like to gain some volunteer experience or contribute your time for either a short- or long-term project.  This form tells us about your abilities, skills, interests and park preferences, so we can best screen and place you. This form is not to be used for park host applicants.

For those applying for Park Host positions (a minimum commitment of one month), you'll find some helpful information in the links below.  We recommend that you read these documents before you apply as a new OPRD host.

For those new to hosting with OPRD, use this form to get started.

For returning hosts, each calendar year, we update your availability, preferences for park locations and the types of host positions you would consider accepting. Please use this renewal form to update us.

**Please Note: For each of these forms, you can save to your computer, then reopen for fillable versions where you can type your information directly into the form.  Fill in your information, then save as a PDF and email to the address identified either on Supplement A (new host app) or page 4 (renewal app), or print your renewal application and mail or fax in.

Once your host application has arrived, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  At that time, feel free to check the Volunteer Openings page for vacancies or use the information posted to help you complete your application.  Use the down arrow to search for Park Host under the type of opening.  Feel free to directly contact those parks who are listing vacancies. 

If you'd like a contact list of parks that use hosts across the state, please click here.