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Be a Park Host Volunteer with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

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What does a Park Host do?

Park host volunteers are stewards of Oregon’s 256 state parks properties. As representatives of Oregon State Parks, they provide support for park guests, staff and our public lands. Their incredible volunteer efforts help us to truly achieve our mission: to provide and protect outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

Learn more details about the role and requirements: Becoming a Volunteer Park Host

Download an application for new park hosts online here. Returning hosts, complete the renewal application.

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Host Assignments

No two parks are the same; duties may vary based on the location, size, and needs of the park. Find detailed information for each available assignment online on the volunteer openings page.

Time Commitment

Volunteer hosts make a minimum commitment of 30 days for a specific host assignment. The length of a host assignment can range 30 - 120 days. Host assignment schedules—including number of hours per day, days per week and length of stay—will vary based on park need or preference. Specific host assignment schedule requirements will be discussed during the volunteer interview process.

What is Required?

In addition to the requirements related to each specific host assignment, all Oregon State Parks host volunteers are required to:

Other Requirements:

What are the Benefits of Being a Park Host?

To support the irreplaceable and valued service of Park Hosts across Oregon State Parks, hosts are provided with:

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Contact US: Please send us an email at, or speak to someone in our Parks Info Center. Call toll-free at 800-551-6949.