Eclipse Camping

Can I get a campsite on a walk-in basis? NO.

We don't have any first-come, first-serve or walk-in sites in the path of totality the nights of Aug. 18-20. You will be turned away if you go to a park in or near the path of totality without a reservation. Other camping options and eclipse resources 

Aug. 15 Note: Campfires and open flames prohibited in state parks and ocean beaches

Effective Wednesday, Aug. 16, all Oregon State Parks will restrict open flames and campfires, including fires on all Oregon beaches. Briquettes, tiki-style torches and candles are also prohibited until further notice. Only fuel sources that can be turned off instantly, such as propane stoves and propane fire pits, will be allowed. No propane fire rings allowed at The Cove Palisades State Park and Silver Falls State Park. Conditions and situations change quickly, so please check with the park you're staying at for new or additional restrictions.

Fireworks are also prohibited in state parks and beaches.

Most state parks are already under a fire restriction due to hot, dry conditions and precautions issued by county or local fire officials.  We are expanding the ban to all state parks in order to prevent accidental fires leading up to the Aug. 21 solar eclipse. We want to avoid creating new problems for fire crews that are already responding to several large fires.

We understand this is an inconvenience for campers, especially those who might not see an immediate local need for fire restrictions. We ask for your patience and understanding during what we hope is a brief restriction. Updated information is available on, and by phone M-F, 8 a.m. –  5 p.m. at 800-551-6949.

Information you need if you have reserved camping in a state park

For reservations arriving Aug. 17-Aug. 20--your reservation WILL NOT be canceled no matter the date you arrive.

Two types of sites available: traditional campsites and temporary eclipse campsites.

The following rules are an absolute necessity with the crowds and traffic we expect:

What else you need to know:

Prepare for traffic before, during and after the eclipse. Traffic may be at a standstill on all major highways and freeways the morning of Aug. 21.  Please plan to view the eclipse from the park and do not attempt to drive to another viewing location. Road conditions for major roads are online at, and available by calling 511.

Pack provisions. The usual conveniences may be hard to get to. Fill your gas tank, and stock up early on food, medicine, cash and anything else you cannot live without.

Cell phone service may become spotty in some areas of the state. Back up your GPS with a paper map.

Wildfire danger is real. August is peak wildfire season in Oregon, so please be vigilant about extinguishing and disposing cigarettes, and remember smoking is allowed only in your personal vehicle. Expect fire restrictions, including campfire bans. We are posting all restrictions as they develop at Campfire and Beach Fire Restrictions.

Be patient. Parks will be much busier than normal. Pets, noise, and trash can be annoying — do your part to limit them. Hot water, restrooms and showers will be in short supply. Relax and go with the flow.

Bring eclipse glasses. To watch the partial eclipse safely, everyone will need eclipse viewing glasses, which block harmful light from damaging your vision. Sunglasses will not protect you.

Gear up. Our online park store is selling $2 eclipse glasses, along with other eclipse merchandise including t-shirts, totes, tumblers, keychains and magnets. It can take a few days for merchandise to arrive by mail. Many parks will also sell merchandise on site.

Oregon State Parks Information Center. Our usual hours are extended for the eclipse.

Temporary camping in the totality path (maps)

Coastal parks

Driftwood Beach (South Beach), temporary, camping map
Fogarty Creek (Beverly Beach), temporary, camping map 
Governor Patterson Memorial (South Beach), temporary, camping map
South Jetty (South Beach), temporary, camping map

Willamette Valley parks

Willamette Mission, temporary, camping map

Cascade Mountain foothills (far east Willamette Valley)

Cascadia, traditional, camping map
North Santiam, traditional and temporary, camping map
Silver Falls, temporary, camping map

Central Oregon (east of the Cascades)

The Cove Palisades, temporary, camping map
Smith Rock, temporary, camping map

Eastern Oregon

Bates, traditional, camping map
Clyde Holliday, traditional, camping map
Farewell Bend, traditional and temporary, camping map (traditional) camping map (temporary)
Unity Lake, traditional, camping map

Camping near the totality path (maps)


Beachside, traditional, camping map
Carl G. Washburne, traditional, camping map

Willamette Valley

Champoeg, temporary, camping map (barely outside the totality path)
Milo McIver, temporary, camping map

Cascade Mountain foothills (far east Willamette Valley)

Cascara at Fall Creek, traditional, camping map (approximately 30 miles southeast of Eugene)

Central Oregon (east of the Cascades)

Cottonwood Canyon, traditional and temporary, camping map
Jasper Point at Prineville Reservoir, traditional, camping map

Eastern Oregon

Catherine Creek, traditional, camping map 
Hilgard Junction, traditional, camping map
Minam, traditional, camping map
Lake Owyhee, traditional, camping map
Red Bridge, traditional, camping map
Ukiah-Dale, traditional, camping map

What else do I need to know?

General park information is available by calling the Oregon State Parks information line, 800-551-6949.