Where can I smoke?

Where am I allowed to smoke in State Parks?

Smoking in Oregon State Parks is allowed only in your vehicles and personal camping units, campsites and portions of day use parks designated as safety rest areas. Smoking is not allowed in any park building, including yurts and cabins. Smoking is allowed on the ocean shore; however Oregon State Parks is asking anyone who smokes on the ocean shore to properly dispose of their cigarette butts and any other litter.

Why did State Parks restrict smoking?

The governor issued an Executive Order that asked all state agencies to look at ways to restrict smoking on public property in Oregon. State Parks proposed a restriction and sought public comments on it.  Based on that public comment, State Parks adopted rules that address the issue in a responsible way for the properties we own and manage.

Does this restriction apply to things like e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and medical marijuana?

The restriction applies to smoking of tobacco products only. Park visitors can use e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco, but the medical marijuana laws prohibit its use in view of the public, so it cannot be used in any public area of a park.

May I smoke in day use areas?

Portions of 27 day use areas have been designated as safety rest areas by the Oregon Department of Transportation through an agreement with State Parks.  The safety rest area portion of those properties is excluded from smoking restrictions, so you can smoke in those specific areas. Parks with designated safety rest areas are listed below.

  • Valley of the Rogue
  • Koberg Beach
  • Hilgard Junction
  • Ontario
  • Van Duzer Corridor
  • Casey
  • Tub Springs Wayside
  • Ben & Kay Dorris
  • J B Harris
  • Catherine Creek
  • Red Bridge Wayside
  • Unity Lake
  • Ellmaker Wayside
  • Clyde Holliday
  • Bradley
  • Peter Skene Ogden
  • Collier
  • Tolovana Wayside
  • Oswald West
  • Neskowin
  • Boiler Bay
  • Driftwood
  • Carl G Washburne
  • William Tugman
  • Ophir Wayside
  • Harris Beach
  • Cline Falls

What will happen if I smoke in those places where smoking is prohibited?

We want to make sure people are aware of and understand the new restrictions, so in 2014 we will be working to educate our visitors.  Park staff will not be issuing citations in 2014 for smoking; instead we will be asking for voluntary compliance and may occasionally reinforce the request with a written warning.

If you are concerned about smoke, why didn’t you ban campfires?

This effort was prompted by a governor’s order that asked us to look at smoking of tobacco, so that is what we addressed.