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The Oregon State Park system is one of the most popular in the United States. Every year, we serve an estimated 46 million daytime visitors (4th in the nation), and 2.5 million campers (8th in the nation). There are 255 state parks, including camping at 58 parks, open on 109,000 acres.

We also manage the Ocean Shore State Recreation Area. Many people reach the ocean shore by parking at a state park, but county and federal parks, businesses and private homes also lead to the ocean shore. No matter how you get there, the ocean shore covers all 362 miles of Oregon's coast, making it one of the most remarkable public recreation settings in the United States.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department regularly issues news releases on the full range of its programs -- Oregon historic preservation, grants, scenic bikeways -- but news specific to the state park system are listed below. All other department releases are online on its main website.

Stock still images are also available for editorial use, with credit to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department:

Crown Point Fort Stevens/Peter Iredale Heceta Head Silver Falls Smith Rock Wallowa Lake
Crown Point/Vista House Fort Stevens/Peter Iredale Heceta Head Silver Falls Smith Rock Wallowa Lake

We do not currently have b-roll video available. If you need a photo of a specific park or activity, send us an email.

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