Whale Watching

 Watching Whales in Oregon and the Whale Watching Spoken Here® volunteer program.


Whales in Oregon!

People come from all over the world to learn about the gray whales that travel along the Oregon coast each year. Whales are visible from Oregon's shores all year long although some months are better than others.

In the Winter we watch nearly 25,000 gray whales from mid-December through mid-January as they travel south to the warm lagoons of Baja Mexico.

Spring watching begins in late March as the gray whales travel north on their way towards Alaska. The first surge swims by around the end of March and we watch the north-bound whales all the way until June.

Summer & Fall bring whales that feed along our coast from June to mid-November. You probably will not see hundreds of whales during this time but do not be surprised if you see a whale along the coastline anywhere at any time! The Central Coast is a hot-spot for whales from May through October.

Use the map lower on this page to help find a great place to look for these amazing ocean giants!

The Whale Watching Spoken Here® program places volunteers at great whale watching sites during the two official watch weeks. Our official Whale Watch Weeks typically take place between the Christmas Holiday and New Year's day and during the last week in March. For more than 40 years, our trained volunteers have helped visitors watch whales at sites in three states along the Pacific Northwest coast.

We definitely know whale watching. Learn more about whales at the Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay year round, or join us at any of our locations during the Whale Watch Weeks for an amazing display of ocean life!

Last year, the Whale Watching Volunteers spoke with over 52,000 visitors from around the globe! Thank you volunteers!


 Whale Watch Week Dates Winter 2019 & Spring 2020


Friday, December 27th through Tuesday, December 31st (5 Days)


Saturday, March 21st through Sunday, March 29th (9 Days)



*****Attention Volunteers! *****

To learn more about the two Whale Watch Weeks, the Whale Watch Spoken Here® program, or to sign up to become a volunteer, please click on the photo below or go to: https://whalespoken.wordpress.com/




To learn more about the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center and whale watching all year long, please click on photo below, or click HERE.



24 of the best locations to see whales in Oregon

Whale viewing sites during the Watch Weeks
View Whale Watching Spoken Here in a larger map



Check out this map for a list of 24 designated locations volunteers will be staffed during each of our official Whale Watch Weeks.

Even if it isn't Whale Watch Week, these are great locations to be on the lookout for gray whales and other marine mammals!














Whale and Visitor Counts

Volunteers at the 24 Whale Watching Spoken Here® sites keep track of the whales spotted and number of visitors during the Whale Watch Weeks.