Wolf Creek Inn State Heritage Site

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Jan. 30, 2018, Note: The Wolf Creek Inn opens to overnight stays April 1, 2018. Reservations are open now at wolfcreekinn.com. Questions? Email info@wolfcreekinn.com

All visitors can also enjoy lunch and dinner at the inn restaurant. See wolfcreekinn.com for the menu.

Imagine yourself as a traveler along a section of the Applegate Trail in the late 1800's. You have just arrived by stage coach at the Wolf Creek Inn. This is a long-sought-after refuge from a not-so-comfortable journey over mountains and across valleys. After paying 75 cents for a room, bath, and meals, you're ready to relax. You sit down to a good meal and some easy conversation with the innkeepers or other guests. Afterwards, the men sidle off to the tap room for some quaffs of beer while the ladies adjourn to the parlor. The conversation drifts from tales of inspirational beauty to frightful experiences of the trail.

The rooms are no longer 75 cents, but the refuge is still here preserved in its original state.  The Inn is a great place to stopover when traveling the I-5 through Oregon yet remains well off the beaten track.  We invite you to indulge in the history that once was and have the feeling of taking a step back in time while staying at the inn, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

In front of the tavern, you'll find interpretive panels depicting life on the Applegate Trail.  The inside of the building is open to public for Ranger-guided tours and self-guided tours while is also a fully functioning inn with 8 guest rooms. The restaurant is not open for this season, but breakfast meal vouchers can be redeemed at the local restaurant next door.  Since the State Parks is promoting the spread of the inn's history, we do have slight separation of the museum area and guest comfort area.  As a guest you can enjoy evening and morning snacks and beverages in the Ballroom while everyone is invited to learn more about the history and view a building that has served guests since 1883!