Sitka Sedge State Natural Area

Major Features & Activities

  • Blue Indicates that some, but not all, facilities are accessible.
Major Features & Activities:
  • Hiking Trails (ADA)
  • Picnicking (ADA)
  • Beach Access
  • Open Year Round (ADA)
  • Wildlife (ADA)

Sitka Sedge State Natural Area is all about the views--of open water, tidal flats, saltwater marshes and forested wetlands of Sand Lake estuary; of the estuary animals, birds and plants; and for those willing to hike, beach views stretching from Haystack Rock to the south and north to Cape Lookout. The park's name comes from a beautiful native grass-like plant found in pockets throughout the property. Sitka Sedge (Carex aquatilis v. dives) reflects several of the unique characteristics of this new park. Graceful. Ecologically important. Natural. 

Visitors can hike the 3.5 miles of trail, including the 1/2-mile-long Beltz Dike Trail leading from the parking area west through the estuary to loop trails in the coniferous forested dunes, or continue through the dunes to the beach. Note: no cell phone service is available within the park.

Taking plants, animals, or cultural resources from the park is not allowed. Please see the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations for clamming and fishing information.