Crown Point State Scenic Corridor

Major Features & Activities

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Major Features & Activities:
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Millions of visitors driving from Portland through the Columbia River Gorge don't realize the full impact of its beauty until they come around the bend near Corbett at exit 22 and see the famous building on the top of the cliff to the right. This is Crown Point and the building is the Vista House.

The Vista House was built in 1916 at the same time as Highway 30 (what is now the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway, and the only way to reach Crown Point). The building was designed to be a place of refreshment and enjoyment of the Columbia Gorge.
The octagonal building with its green ceramic tile roof houses a museum, gift shop and interpretive display of historic and geologic points of interest in the Gorge.

Friends of Vista House

Link to Vista House's weather station here

Vista House Current Hours:

Vista House hours are 10 am - 4 pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday ONLY, weather permitting.

Starting March 8th, 2020 Vista House will be open daily 9 am -5 pm

Vista House is Closed when winds are 50mph or more.

The parking lot areas at the park close at 9:00 pm and reopen at 6:00 am

Please secure your valuable when enjoying parks.  Thank you!