Heritage Landing (Deschutes)

General Advisory

06/17/2016 to 01/01/2025
A boater pass is required at Heritage Landing Boat Ramp for anyone using a watercraft/floating device to access the Deschutes River or the Columbia River. All passes are per person. Currently, 3 boater passes exist: 1.) Deschutes River Boater Pass: valid above Moody Rapid (from the Pelton Dam down to the I-84 bridge at Heritage Landing). Available for purchase online at: www.recreation.gov. If accessing the Deschutes River below Moody Rapid only, just a Moody Island Boater Pass is required. 2.) Moody Island Boater Pass: valid downstream from Moody Rapid (between the campground & Heritage Landing) and available for purchase at the self-pay kiosks ($2/per person/per day) 3.) Heritage to Columbia Boater Pass: valid only from the Heritage Landing boat ramp out to the Columbia River and available for purchase at the self-pay kiosk at Heritage Landing boat ramp ($1/per person/per day) Also, a $15 annual pass can be purchased at the park office.