Banks-Vernonia State Trail

General Advisory

Starting 07/19/2018
Campfires and open flames prohibited in all state park properties including campgrounds, day-use areas, and all areas of the Ocean Shore and beaches managed by OPRD. The fire ban applies to wood, charcoal, and other flame sources that cannot be turned off with a valve. Liquid fuel stoves or cooking devices that can be turned off with a valve are permitted, but cannot be left unattended. Visitors planning a trip to a state park should check for up-to-date information about fire restrictions by calling the state parks info line at 800-551-6949.

Construction Advisory

Starting 03/06/2018
APRIL NOTE: Due to the forest maintenance project: CLOSED IN APRIL: Clayhill Horse Staging Area, Hares Canyon Horse Camp OPEN IN APRIL: Banks Vernonia Trail, Hilltop Day Use/shelter, All hiking trails, Disc Golf Course, Mountain Bike Area, Dairy Creek West/East, Mountain Dale Cabins, Cabin Village meeting hall