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Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

Park History

Purchased from private owners between 1930 and 1936, the area was named to honor Jessie M. Honeyman of Portland (1852-1948), a leading advocate of roadside beautification, Oregon parks and scenic preservation. She was a tireless supporter and guide to Samuel Boardman, the first Oregon State Parks Superintendent. Civilian Conservation Corps forces under National Park Service direction, designed and constructed improvements superbly adapted to their surroundings between 1935 to 1940. Among the features included in a special district listed in the National Register of Historic Places are the stone and log Cleawox Lake bathhouse (1938); the park caretaker's house and garage (1936-37), now the park office; and several rustic kitchen shelters (1937). Other day-use facilities and landscaped roadways with stone curbings were constructed by CCC, and the sloped cuts on the Coast Highway were planted with shrubs. Overnight camping facilities were added on the south side of Cleawox Lake beginning in 1952. In the late 1950s, Honeyman Park was listed in Life Magazine as one of the outstanding state parks in the United States.

Acreage: 515.49

Annual overnight attendance: 165,460

Annual day-use attendance: 995,248

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park FAQ


May I ride my ATV out onto the dunes while camped at Honeyman State Park?

Campers in H Loop are allowed to ride directly onto the dunes from Oct. 1-April 30 only. Campers in other loops, and all campers during Prime Season, are asked not to unload their ATV's within the campground unless a "toy" hauler is being used for camping.

The sand dunes gate will not be opened during "quiet hours" or during Prime Season. 

May I unload and ride my ATV within the campground?

No, ATVs may not be started within the campground.  The only exception to this is Oct. 1 - April 30 when campers in H loop may ride directly out onto the dunes.

What is available at the Honeyman Lodge?

The historical Honeyman Lodge by the Cleawox swim area is open Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Pedal Boats, Canoes, and Kayaks are available to rent by the half hour or hour.  Interpretive Displays and books are available for viewing while sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee.  Souvenirs of your stay are available for purchase. 

What are the Lodge hours?

It is open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. between Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend.

What happended to the trees around Cleawox?

The shore pines at Honeyman had grown in too close together over the past 70 years and were reaching the end of their life span.  These weak and spindly trees posed a hazard to visitors as was as park structures.  This past winter contractors removed these trees from the Cleawox area leaving better views of the lake, more room for healthy trees, as well as less overhead hazards for visitors.   Although this area may look different at first many have commented that they are happy with the changes.

Can I walk to the beach while camped at Honeyman?

We do NOT recommend that people walk the 2 miles across the dunes to the ocean.  There are no marked trails and the dunes are open to ATV operation.

The closest beach access for vehicles is 2 miles north on Hwy 101 at the Siuslaw South Jetty.  It is a federal area requiring a separate day use parking fee.  The Siuslaw North Jetty has free parking available.

Where can I swim?

Honeyman offers two lakes Cleawox lake on the west side of HWY 101 and Woahink lake on the east side of HWY 101.  Both lakes have a sandy beaches and roped off swimming areas.  The lakes and rivers found within Oregon State Parks are open to unsupervised swimming. You are responsible for your own safety. Before you enter the water, you should judge your swimming skills against possible strong currents, cold water, underwater objects and steep drop-offs.  Please bring and wear a personal flotation device and swim with a buddy.

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