L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

Park History

Opened in 2007. Named for OPRD’s number one supporter, Loran L. “Stub” Stewart, who served nearly 40 years on the State Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission. Hares Canyon Horse Camp is named for Joseph Coulson Hare, a long-time Washington County resident who served as a mayor of Hillsboro and operated a successful lumber business. The campgrounds were the first built by OPRD since Cape Blanco State Park’s campground opened in 1972. The park lands were acquired through exchanges with the Oregon Department of Forestry, Washington County, the Oregon Military Department, the Division of State Lands, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Longview Fibre Company and a private land owner.

Acreage: 1,672.77

Annual overnight attendance: 61,017

Annual day-use attendance: 112,716

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park FAQ


Where is the closest restaurant, fuel station, or grocery store?

-Restaurants are in Banks and Vernonia, 10-11 miles away.
-Fuel is at Manning (near the DQ on Hwy 26), in Banks, or Vernonia.
-Grocery stores are in Banks and Vernonia or a small convenience store near Manning (near the DQ on Hwy 26).


Where are bike helmets sold?

At the registration station from a park ranger.

Which are the easiest/hardest trails?

Stub Stewart State Park and the Banks-Vernonia State Trail encompass what is called a stacked-loop trail system. This means that you have the ability to start at the easiest trails and progress through the trail systems to the most advanced. It is very hard to jump all the way out to the most advanced without be filtered out by distance and difficulty.
Easiest (paved):
-On the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, the first 7 miles from Banks and the first 8 miles from Vernonia. Paved with minimal grade changes (~2%)
- On the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, the middle portion north of Buxton Trailhead and south of Tophill Trailhead. Paved with slightly more advanced grades (2-5%)

Easier (soft surfaced):
-From Hilltop Day-use Area, Boomscooter Trail to Skidder Row intersection is easier but hard past that.
-From Hilltop Day-use Area, Hooktender Horseshoe towards Hares Canyon Trail is easier but as the visitor goes further, can get difficult with elevation change.

Harder (soft surfaced):
-Hares Canyon Trail is difficult due to elevation change and distance.
-Bumping Knots Loop is difficult because of the rough trail, elevation change, and distance.
-Unfit Settlement View advances to the highest point in the park

Hardest (singletrack, soft surfaced):
-Cross-country trails starting at 21N
-Freeride trails within mountain bike area.

Where is the disc golf course or little-3 course?

18-hole Course:
-Park at Hilltop Day-use Area.
-At the beginning of Hooktender Horseshoe is where Hole 1 is and there is a trail that leads through the 18 holes.

Little-3 Course:
-In the woods on the north end between West and East Camp.
-Access from the trail that links the two camp loops on the north side, just south of the Amphitheater.

Where is fishing or swimming?

-We only have small creeks and seasonal streams with no swimming holes.
-Nehalem River in Vernonia has a designated swimming area.
-Fishing at Vernonia Lake is pretty good.

Is firewood available for purchase? Is Ice available for purchase?

Firewood is available for purchase in each camp and cabin loop for $5 for ~7 split pieces of dry wood from 5-8pm.  Exact change is appreciated. 

Ice is available for purchase in Dairy Creek WEST camp loop from 5-8pm for $3 per bag.  Block and Cubed available.  CASH ONLY.  Ice sales benefit the Friends of Stub Stewart State Park and the Banks Vernonia State Trail.  Proceeds come back into the park. 

Where do I get information? What's the Discovery Depot?

The Discovery Depot Interpretive Center is a Visitor Center located at the Stub Stewart Welcome Center.  The Discovery Depot has park and local information, interpretive displays, and items available for purchase through the Friends of Stub Stewart State Park and the Banks-Vernonia State Trail.  The Discovery Depot is open daily from 11am-4pm.  Please stop in!

Where can I purchase an ATV permit?

ATV Permits are available online at www.oregonstateparks.org or at the Stub Stewart State Park office Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm.

About Camping

Just arrived for a reservation?

All reservations are paid in full for the campsite or cabin. Check the "Incoming Reservations" list to ensure your campsite or cabin.  Complete Self-registration envelope with site, name and primary vehicle license plate information, tear off top white copy and put it on dash of vehicle, drop the envelope in Pay Box and proceed to campsite. 

One vehicle is included per site. If you have additional vehicles coming in, have them pay as they arrive ($7 per night) and register the same way.

Just arrived to camp without reservation?

If you are looking for more than 1 night, then you must speak with a ranger. Please look at campground brochure to see which sites are right for you. Reservation tags are posted in each site for campers coming that day. Camper should pick one that is available and get settled. Within 30 minutes, fill out a Self Registration Envelope, and place it in one of the Pay Boxes at the head of each loop. For cabins, they should speak to the camp host or ranger.


Making reservations for the future?

-We do not make reservations here at the park. Call Reservations Northwest or go online at www.oregonstateparks.org


What does the visitor do with a second vehicle for a campsite?

Upon arrival, register vehicle and extra vehicles either at Registration Station or with Self Registration Envelope and place it in one of the Pay Boxes located at the head of each loop.  Extra vehicles are $7 per night, and you are not able to pay for this when you make your reservation.  Please pay for extra vehicles within 30 minutes of arrival.

How many people are allowed in a campsite or cabin?

-Maximum of 8 people in a campsite.
-Maximum of 5 people in a cabin.

When can we check-in to our campsite or cabin? When is check-out?

Check-in is at 4pm.  Check-out is a 1pm.  If you arrive before 4pm for a reserved site please wait until 4pm to enter your cabin or campsite. 

Can I camp in horse camp without an equine or pack animal?

-No, it is required that you have an equine or pack animal in the corral in the campsite.


What's Allowed

Can I park here to access the Banks-Vernonia State Trail?

-If the visitor is here to only recreate on the BV Trail, then direct them to one of the 6 trailheads on the trail.
-If they would like to access the BV Trail from Hilltop Day-use Area, then there are a number of routes via the natural surface trails.
-Stub Stewart State Park was not built with a specific trailhead for the BV Trail, just a loading zone and 2 ADA parking spots.

Where can I ride a bicycle?

-Natural surface trails are great for mountain biking and are multi-use.
-Advanced riders should look to North Caddywhomper Way (21N) for singletrack trails designated for cross-country and freeride mountain biking.
-The Banks-Vernonia Trail is perfect for street bikes and users of any age.

Can I stargaze after posted day-use hours?

Yes, but with a Stargazing Permit. The permit applies only to the Hilltop Day-use Area and visitors must have a day-use parking permit. Please read the permit for other conditions.


Can I have my dog off leash if I am riding a mountain bike or a horse?

No,  the leash law applies at all times unless you are in a dog off leash area.  The only dog off leash area at this time in the park is at Hilltop day use and it is fenced.

Day use/Special Events

Wondering what our day-use hours are at Stub Stewart State Park?

Summer - May 1st to October 1st - 7 AM till 9 PM

Fall/Winter/spring - October 2 to April 30th - 7 AM till 7 PM


Statewide FAQ

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