Tub Springs State Wayside

Park History

The land was purchased in 1939. This location was the scene of a major timber trespass in the early 1950s. The wayside contained large examples of old growth pine and Douglas fir, whereas the surrounding property had been logged. A crafty timber thief moved in, using an erroneous harvesting permit. Trees were cut, and logs were sent to both Klamath Falls and Medford. The high quality of logs and demands for payment prompted the receiving saw mills to make inquiries to State Parks. Investigation of the area, stumps and other details led to a charge of criminal trespass. The case was settled out of court after several pre-trial appearances of the confessed perpetrator.

Acreage: 40

Annual day-use attendance: 70,252

Tub Springs State Wayside FAQ


When are the tubs sanitized?

The tubs are sanitized monthly with a chlorine solution. This usually occurs on the 2nd Thursday of every month. This cleaning will not effect the water quality as it is a surface cleaning of the agates inside the tubs.

When is the Springbox sanitized?

The Springbox is sanitized annually. This normally occurs during the Spring. This cleaning does potentially effect the water quality up to 48 hours afterwards.

Where can I find water quality information?


Statewide FAQ

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