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Harris Beach State Park

Park History

The land was purchased from various owners between 1926 and 1985.  Early developments were made by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934 and 1935.  Harris Beach is named for George Scott Harris, a native of Scotland, who obtained the property about 1871.  Harris served in the British Army in India, later going to Africa and New Zealand.  He arrived in San Francisco in 1860, worked in railway construction and mining and migrated to Curry County in 1871 where he became a naturalized citizen on April 6, 1880.  Mr. Harris raised sheep and cattle on the park land, which passed to his nephew, James, in 1925, and also served as Curry County Commissioner in 1886-87.

Acreage: 174.21

Annual overnight attendance: 98,858

Annual day-use attendance: 1,637,444

Harris Beach State Park FAQ

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