Smith Rock State Park

Park History

The park was obtained between 1960 and 1975 by purchase and gifts of land from the city of Redmond and Harry and Diane Kem. Many believe that Smith Rock is named in honor of John Smith a Linn County lawman or Pvt. Volk Smith a soldier who fell to his death in the park during a battle with the Northern Paiute in 1863. The Debate Continues...


Acreage: 651.68

Annual overnight attendance: 23,816

Annual day-use attendance: 776,632

Smith Rock State Park FAQ


Do I need a permit to film or photograph commercially?

Permits are often required for commercial filming and photography. Please contact the park manager at 541-548-7501 to determine if you will need a permit.

I need a guide or have specific climbing related questions. Who should I ask?

Their are many climbing outfitter/guide services that operate at Smith Rock. An internet search or phone book reference will provide contact information. Park Staff does not provide referrals or specific climbing information.

School field trips to Smith Rock State Park

To ensure a safe and meaningful experiance for your students our park staff requests that you contact us to schedule a field trip. During the months of April thru July an interpretive ranger may be available to speak to your group as well. At a minimum we would like to meet your group on arrival to inform them of potential hazards, current trail conditions, park regulations and ethics. The parks visitor/welcome center is an excellent educational resource with a variety of displays on the parks fur themes of Geology, Ecology, Cultural history and recreation. The visitor/welcome center is open an a limited basis.

Whats the best time to vist the park?

The busiest times of the year are mid March thru June and Sept and Oct. Holiday weekends and nice weather days at other times of the year may also be crowded. Parking often fills up in the mornings.

About Camping

What is the cost to tent camp at the park?

Camping permits are available at the fee station located at the enterance to the Bivouac camping area. Camping fees are $8.00 per person per night.

Are campfires allowed in the campground?

Camp fires are not permitted year round due to the dry high desert climate at the park.

Are you allowed to sleep in your vehicle?

County rules prohibit sleeping in your vehicle.

Where is the nearest campground that allows RVs and sleeping in your vehicle?

USFS Skull Hollow Campground

Located NE of Smith Rock State Park on Lone Pine Road

Open Seasonally - No Reservations - Fee Campground - No Drinking Water

28 Standard Campsites

Can I make a reservation for camping?

No, camping is on a  first come first serve basis only.

What's Allowed

Are there any climbing closures in effect?

Climbing route closures for the protection of nesting birds of prey are common at Smith Rock but typically affect lesser used climbing areas. Please look for posted closures on informational kiosks in the park and for signs at the closure sites.

Are remote controlled aircraft allowed?

Commercial use of remote controlled aircraft is not permitted.

Recreational use of remote controlled aircraft isnt allowed at Smith Rock to avoid hazards that could negatively affect other visitors or protected wildlife.

OPRD does have other parks where recreational use is allowed but because of Smith Rocks popularity and protected wildlife it isnt one of them.


I am bringing a goup of 50 or more people to the park do I need a special use permit?

In most cases the answer is yes. Please contact the park office at 541-548-7501 for assistance.

Is high lining and slacklining permitted at the park

1. Temporary moratorium on new lines as of 2-27-16.
2. Lines must be attended.
3. No lines left up overnight. After 24 hours lines will be considered abandoned equipment.  (From July 31st to December 31st highlines may be left up for max of 3 nights and highline leashes must be removed or lines made otherwise unusable for the general public when not attended)                                  

4. No Slacklines in picnic or camping areas. 
5. No lines over designated trails or the river. 
6. Trees must be properly padded. (See national park standards)

Other rules and regulations may apply. If you have questions call the park office at 541-548-7501.

What am I allowed to cook with in the campgrounds "Designated Cooking Area" and the picnic area.

No Charcoal is permitted. Gas and propane stoves only. Cooking is not allowed in the tent camping area.

Day use/Special Events

What hours is the park's dayuse area open?

The Park is Open from Dawn to Dusk (30 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset).

After dusk use of parks day use facilites or property is prohibited.

Special use permits may be issued for afterhours use. Contact the park office.

Some (not all) reasons/concerns for the enforcement of this existing rule:
a. Illegal camping including illegal campfires in high fire season.
b. Lack of park staff and resources to manage the use.
c. Limited emergency response resources.

Where can I buy an Oregon State Parks Annual Pass

12 month and 24 month Annual passes are sold at the parks Welcome Center during scheduled hours of operation (hours vary). Annual passes are also available at Terrebonne Thriftway in Terrebonne.

I want to have a wedding or other event at the park. Do I need a permit?

Permits are often required for special events. Please contact the Park Manager or Park Ranger at 541-548-7501 to see if you will need a permit.

What hours is the Welcome Center open?

The parks Welcome Center Hours are posted at the park monthly and vary depending on visitation levels, holidays, events and available volunteer staffing.

Statewide FAQ

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