Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint

Park History

Originally acquired by the Highway Commission in 1936 for a gravel pit, the area was turned over to the then Parks Division in 1956 when the highway was relocated. Other tracts were obtained by exchange.

Acreage: 9.04

Annual day-use attendance: 332,064

Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint FAQ


Where can I swim?

The lakes and rivers found within Oregon State Parks are open to unsupervised swimming. You are responsible for your own safety. Before you enter the water, you should judge your swimming skills against possible strong currents, cold water, underwater objects and steep drop-offs. Remember, that many of our natural bodies of water and man-made reservoirs are filled by snow runoff and remain cold year round. Please bring and wear a personal flotation device and swim with a buddy.

Statewide FAQ

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