White River Falls State Park

Park History

Once known as Tygh Valley State Wayside, Pacific Power and Light Company gave the state 255.13 acres in 1969. In 1970, the state received a patent on 40 acres formerly held by the Bureau of Land Management. In 1978, a land exchanged with a private property owner completed the park. Pacific Power and Light Company acquired the White River Falls area for hydroelectric generation in 1910 and produced electricity here to 1963.

Acreage: 298.53

Annual day-use attendance: 88,628

White River Falls State Park FAQ

What's Allowed

Is camping allowed at White River Falls?

White River Falls State Park is day use only. The gates close at dusk and open at 7 am. Camping is not allowed.

Is Kayaking allowed at White River Falls?

The banks leading to the upstream portions river are closed to all use. Kayakers can access the nearby Deschutes River with a boater pass.

Is swimming allowed at White River Falls State Park?

Swimming is not recommended due to dangerous river currents.

Can I turn around my large vehicle in the parking lot?

The parking area is small and we do not recommend any vehicles over 24 feet enter the park.

Day use/Special Events

Do I need a permit for a wedding, large picnic, commercial filming, or any event with more than 50 people.

Yes- a special use permit is required for events that have more than 50 people, use a public address system, requires structures of any kind, is commercial in nature, limits the use of the park to the general public, or requires park staff. The above list does not cover all activities that need a permit.

Statewide FAQ

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