Heritage Landing (Deschutes)

Park History

The first tract of land was acquired in 1963, when the state purchased thirty acres at the mouth of the Deschutes from the Columbia-Deschutes Power Company. Between 1977 and 1983, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department acquired 134.37 acres of frontage lands abutting the scenic waterway through transactions with private owners, using funds raised by the Wildlife Heritage Foundation. Between 1998 and 2002, the land was officially deeded to OPRD by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Heritage Landing (Deschutes) FAQ


Do I need a Boater Pass to access the Deschutes or Columbia River?

Yes, a boater pass is required for anyone using a watercraft/floating device to access the Deschutes River or the Columbia River. All passes are per person.

Currently, 3 boater passes exist:

1.) Deschutes River Boater Pass: valid above Moody Rapid (from the Pelton Dam down to the I-84 bridge at Heritage Landing). Available for purchase online at: www.recreation.gov.  If accessing the Deschutes River below Moody Rapid only, just a Moody Island Boater Pass is required.

2.) Moody Island Boater Pass: valid downstream from Moody Rapid (between the campground & Heritage Landing) and available for purchase at the self-pay kiosks ($2/per person/per day)

3.) Heritage to Columbia Boater Pass: valid only from the Heritage Landing boat ramp out to the Columbia River and available for purchase at the self-pay kiosk at Heritage Landing boat ramp ($1/per person/per day)  Also, a $15 annual pass can be purchased at the park office.

Statewide FAQ

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