Sitka Sedge State Natural Area

Park History

In 2014, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department purchased the Beltz property for $1.8 million from Ecotrust. The department used Oregon Lottery funds dedicated to state park acquisitions, as well as a National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant from the U.S. Forest Service. The park is classified as a state natural area, which is a designation for protecting outstanding, or important portions of Oregon's ecosystems for continued public education, and/or for contributing to larger ecosystem health.

Sitka Sedge State Natural Area includes approximately 357 acres. Approximately 244 acres are west of Sandlake Road, fronting the ocean and the Sand Lake Estuary. This portion of the property consists of approximately 87 acres of marsh (including approximately 42 acres of tidal marsh, sand and mudflats and approximately 12 acres of estuary altered by Beltz Dike) and 157 acres of dunes and uplands. An un-maintained, half-mile long, artificial dike runs east/west through the northern third of the property. The remaining 113 acres of the property east of Sandlake Road is predominately pasture and forest land. Three creeks, Reneke, Beltz, and an unnamed stream, flow into the southern portion of the property. This area is part of the Sand Lake watershed.

Acreage: 357

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