Devil's Lake State Recreation Area

Park History

The park was acquired between 1957 and 1961 by a gift from the city of Delake and purchases from private land owners. The name "Devil's Lake" is thought to stem from an Indian legend concerning a serpent or spirit which inhabited the lake.

The Devil's in the Details - If you've paid close attention you have no-doubt noticed that Oregon State Parks uses an apostrophe in the Devil's Lake name. Virtually every other street sign, map or publication out there proclaims our namesake body of water to be "Devils Lake." However, deed language and historical documents clearly refer to this water body as "Devil's Lake."

So, why the disagreement? Most North American cartographers had a tendency to drop the apostrophe on maps to conserve space, making it very likely that Devil's Lake lost its apostrophe to small map labels some time ago!



Acreage: 109.37

Annual overnight attendance: 49,713

Annual day-use attendance: 88,996

Devil's Lake State Recreation Area FAQ


Do you offer kayak tours?

No. Devil's Lake State Recreation Area discontinued kayak tours in 2015, but tours are still offered in many Oregon State Parks. The closest is 35 miles south of Devil's Lake at Brian Booth State Park's Beaver Creek Natural Area. Kayak tours are offered on Beaver Creek from July 1 through Labor Day weekend. Paddles, kayaks, and PFDs are provided. Interpretive guides take guests on a peaceful 2.5 hour expedition up the pristine freshwater marsh. For more information, pricing or to make a reservation, please call: (541) 563-6413 or visit the Beaver Creek Welcome Center. Reservations accepted starting June 1. Please call between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

About Camping

Are all sites available during the winter?

The campground is open year round, but due to the rainy winter season, many sites are closed. The park sits on a peat bog and is not well drained. As a result, many of these winter closures extend through June by necessity.

Can I park a trailer in a tent site?

The answer is yes, but only in some areas. Most of our tent sites are very small and angled poorly for backing trailers. For that reason, only a select few tents sites in our campground can accommodate trailers, which must be under 14 feet in length. These sites are A12, A18, B11, B13, C1, C9, C14, C16, C19, C21 and C32.

Can I bring more than one extra vehicle?

Extra vehicle parking in the campground is very scarce. We have a strict limit of two vehicles per site because of this. In many cases a campsite will not accommodate a vehicle/trailer combination PLUS an extra vehicle. We do have some designated extra vehicle parking spaces available for $7 per night, but please be aware that your extra vehicle may be parked some distance from your campsite.

Additionally, even though we allow two vehicles per campsite, if your first vehicle and camping equipment take up all the space on the paved parking spur, you must park the second vehicle in the designated extra vehicle parking area and will be assessed a fee of $7 per night.

In all cases, vehicles must have all tires on the pavement and cannot be parked sideways on the paved parking spur.

Do you have pet-friendly facilities?

Yes, we have five pet-friendly yurts - B-24, C-18, C-26, C-29, C-36.

Statewide FAQ

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