South Beach State Park

Park History

The park combines two areas once separately maintained, South Beach Wayside and South Newport State Park. The land was acquired by gift, exchange and purchase between 1933 and 1970. Gifts were received from Edith M. Bowman, Robert and Cherie Kiewel, Lincoln County and W. J. and Janet Wineberg. The lands were obtained to protect the south bridge area from encroachment and also to provide public access to the beach.

Acreage: 498.27

Annual overnight attendance: 177,972

Annual day-use attendance: 825,162

South Beach State Park FAQ


Where is Cooper Ridge Village?

Cooper Ridge Village contains the first set of yurts (CRV1 - CRV8) in the first loop next to the registration booth and the hiker/biker camp. See the South Beach Campground map under "brochures" for more information.

About Camping

Can I tent camp during the winter?

Yes! We close our tent-only loops (H and I loops) after the summer season, but tents are still welcome at any open RV campsite. If you are hiking or biking into the park, the hiker/biker sites can be used for a discounted rate.

Statewide FAQ

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