Rooster Rock State Park

Park History

Lands for the park were purchased from private owners between 1937 and 1985 to provide public river access and protection of the Columbia River Gorge. However, development as a park was not possible until the new highway was built at water grade in the 1950s.  Rooster Rock is situated at the west end of the park. It is said to be the rock mentioned by Lewis and Clark as the camping place for members of their exploring expedition on Nov. 2, 1805.

Acreage: 872.91

Annual day-use attendance: 557,788

Rooster Rock State Park FAQ


Is there a clothing optional beach at Rooster Rock?

Yes but by design, the clothing optional beach area is completely separate and not visible from the clothing-required area of the large park. The two areas coexist in harmony.

Did you know in 2012 our park participated in customer surveys?

According to a 2012 survey of park visitors:

92% of our customers describe being "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with their overall experience at Rooster Rock State Park.

94% of our customers reported that they were either "very likely" or "likely" to return to Rooster Rock State Park in the future.

One customer commented, "This is a lovely picnic/day park, unbelievable scenery of the river. Doesn't seem to be overcrowded/has well planned capacity. Thanks.

How can I pay for my day use fee?

To pay day use fee, you can use cash or check at the office or booth, but please be aware that if the booth or office are closed our Fee Machine takes credit cards ONLY.

How do I reserve a picnic shelter or picnic area?

Reservations may be made 1 day to 9 months ahead of time.  The picnic shelters and group picnic areas at Rooster Rock State Park is reservable through online reservations (available 365 days a year, opening at midnight every day)  or by calling (800) 452-5687 (Oregon Telecommunications Relay Service 800-735-2900 for the hearing impaired), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Which picnic areas have water and electricty?

All shelters/group picnic areas have a BBQ and picnic tables.  Picnic shelters A, C & C have a covered gazebo area and water and outlets for electrical.  Picnic areas D & E have no water or electrical hook ups.

About Camping

Is Camping allowed at Rooster Rock State Park?

Rooster Rock is a day use park only.  But there is camping availble 10 miles east at Ainsworth State Park (exit 35)

Can I camp on Sand Island?

No camping on Sand Island is allowed.  There is camping available at Ainsworth State Park (east of Rooster Rock) or at Government Island (west of Rooster Rock- accessible by boat only)

What's Allowed

Can I fly my drone in the park?

Please call 503-695-2261 for park specific rules

Can I metal detect?

No metal detecting is allowed in West Gorge Oregon State parks


Can I bring my Dog?

Yes! But please have on a leash at all times & please pick up after your dog. There is an off leash dog area at the west end of the park.

Day use/Special Events

How do I get a special use permit?

This park requires a Special Use Permit for special events or activities. Please open the Special Use Permit application to see examples of events that need a permit.  If you have questions about whether you need a special use permit for your activity and to receive instructions on how to submit the application, please call 503-695-2261.

Statewide FAQ

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