Memaloose State Park

Park History

The original park tract was 2.64 acres given to the state in 1925 by Roy D. and Bernice M. Chatfield. Situated on what was originally the old Columbia River Highway, the park was called Memaloose Island Overlook. With the reconstruction of the highway, additional private lands were purchased in 1952 and 1953. Land not needed for highway purposes was transferred to the Parks and Recreation Division. The park is named for a nearby island in the Columbia River which was a traditional Indian burial ground. In Chinook language, the word "memaloose" is associated with burial ritual. The most prominent feature on the island is a monument to Victor Trevitt, settler of The Dalles and friend of the Indians who died in 1883 and was buried on Memaloose Island in accordance with his wishes.

Acreage: 441.35

Annual overnight attendance: 36,696

Memaloose State Park FAQ


Did you know in 2012 our park participated in cusotmer surveys?

According to a 2012 survey of park visitors:

89% of our customers describe being "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with their overall experience at Memaloose State Park.

75% of our customers reported that they were either "very likely" or "likely" to return to Memaloose State Park in the future.

One customer commented, "We had a very good time at Memaloose State Park. We went to Memaloose State Park after spending a month on the road. We stayed in several campgrounds in California, which do not get even close to what was offered to us in Oregon. Not only at Memaloose, but in every campground visited within the State. Congratulations for the world class camping experience provided. We are now back in Brazil, but we will definitely come back to visit in the future. Once again we had a wonderful time. Thanks."

How do I get to Memaloose?

Memaloose is located in directly off I-84 in Mosier Oregon  97040.  There is no physical address for the park.

To get there:

Westbound I-84 get off on exit 73, go through the rest stop and the park is just west of the rest stop.

Eastbound I-84, get off at exit 76, and turn around to go westbound on I-84 and get off at exit 73 and follow the instructions above.

About Camping

When is the campground closed?

Campground is closed November 1 through Mid March

When is the campground open?

The campground is open mid March through October 31

What's Allowed

Can I fly my drone in the park?

Please call 503-695-2261 for specific park rules

Can I metal detect?

No metal detecting is allowed in Gorge Oregon State Parks

Day use/Special Events

How do I get a Special Use Permit?

This park requires a Special Use Permit for special events or activities. Please open the Special Use Permit application to see examples of events that need a permit.  If you have questions about whether you need a special use permit for your activity and to receive instructions on how to submit the application, please call 503-695-2261.

Statewide FAQ

Available via this link