Kayak Host

Brian Booth State Park


Mo Girard


From: 07/01/2020
To: 08/31/2020



Time Requirements: This is a day use area and gates are opened and closed by the host. You will open gates in the morning by 7 and close at dusk due to the host Service Agreement and Workers Compensation Insurance coverage. You are “on call” from time gates open to the time they close, within those hours of operation, kayak tours are conducted between 8-12 pre- and post-safety checks; and the visitor center is open from 12-4 pm Thursday – Monday. These tasks coordinated between the two sites. The time worked required for the assignment is _____hours a day 5-day week; 2 consecutive days off. See “on call” definition below.

Required qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Ability to lift up to 20+ lbs. Sweep side to side, push and/or ride mowers.
  • Ability to travel on uneven terrain, get in and out of a utility vehicle, work simple hand tools such as powered and non-powered screw drivers, hammers, etc.
  • Ability to site 2.5 to 3 hours in a boat/kayak as no restroom stops on this particular tour.
  • Ability to work in a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Knowledge of kayak safety and operation: paddling, maneuvering skills, launching, landing and rescue (will train)
  • Additional training for vehicle operations and towing modules, including backing trailers.
  • Ability to talk to the public in and interpretive setting/environmental knowledge. Need to be able to speak in front of a group of people; develop an interpretive program as well as be able to explain the techniques of kayaking and kayak safety to visitors in a clear and concise manner.
  • Requirement to deal with people of all backgrounds and abilities. Knowledge of adaptive techniques for paddling instruction and helping participants in and out of boats.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Clean by litter picking, general maintenance of the site surrounding the center
  • Space is shared with the beach rangers and district ranger. Respect their areas of the facility
  • Keep shop and storage areas clean and organized, when tools are used, return.
  • Pick up litter along trail and at trailheads. Check dog waste bags and receptacles.
  • General landscaping duties; pruning, mowing, raking, weeding, trimming with hand and power tools.
  • Clear leaves from curbs, clear fallen debris from roadways, sites, trails and visitor areas. Be comfortable with using a hedger, weed trimmer, blower, riding lawn mower and push lawn mower. Monitor the resource area.
  • Monitor safety hazards. Inform public of safety hazards. Be willing to take care of hazards that are minor and within their ability.

Guiding Kayak tours;

  • Knowledge of kayak safety and operation; confirming manifest.
  • Maintenance of the state equipment; ie, kayaks, kayak trailer, PFD’s and regular vehicle checks. To maintain the kayaks; this means fixing and replacing kayak parts as well, (ie. the knee pads and handles) putting on “303” protectant on every summer before the season and after the season. Daily cleaning like spraying off all the grime that gets on them from the creek. Checking life jackets for wear and tear. Paddles for cracks and breaks. They are responsible for stocking their emergency gear and first aid kits and knowing what needs to be in there.
  • Additional training for vehicle operations and towing modules on iLearn.
  • Beginners Kayak safety training. (Park Provided) if not already certified.