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Campground Host

Lake Owyhee State Park


Lisa Bisbee


From: 06/01/2020
To: 09/30/2020


If you're looking for a remote getaway to enjoy a rugged serene landscape, then look no further.  Lake Owyhee State Park is truly a remote experience in the middle of over a thousand acres of majestic mountain and desert landscape.  The Park is steeped in history as well.  The famed Hudson's Bay company led an expedition to the site in 1819 and the Park was named in honor of the Hawaiian laborers (Owyhee being a variation of Hawaii at the time) who were fatally attacked by Snake Indians during their service to the company.  Lake Owyhee is Oregon's longest reservoir, spanning more than 52 miles within the spectacular Owyhee canyon.  Formed by the Owyhee River before being dammed in the 1930s, the canyon showcases a colorful display of volcanic rock layers and formations (a favorite spot for rock-hounds).  Despite its extraordinary length, Lake Owyhee is relatively shallow, with an average depth of only 81 feet.  This makes it a favorite fishing destination for warm water catches such as largemouth bass, black and white crappie and catfish.  Lake Owyhee State Park is located in Eastern Oregon near the Idaho border, approximately 45 miles south of Ontario.  The Park has two campgrounds, total of 52 electrical, 9 tent sites and two cabins. 

We are filling our 2020 Camp Host calendar.  We have spots available from May thru September.  Host positions are filled on a monthly basis, typically 1-2 month stays.  Come and be a part of our team!

The Campground Host duties include:  prepare campsites and cabins for incoming campers and clean sites after campers leave; picking up litter, cleaning out fire rings and reporting other campsite needs to a Park Ranger.  Hosts will perform general restroom checks in the morning and afternoon, restocking paper products and picking up trash. Hosts are responsible for a small change fund bag and will facilitate change for firewood and ice sales.  Host may perform other duties as assigned and/or desired.  Typical schedule is 6 hours per day, 5 days per week with two days off.  There are no payphones, cell phone or WiFi services at this Park.  Although there are developed facilities, Lake Owyhee is a remote recreational experience.