Yurt/Cabin Host

Cape Lookout State Park


Melanie Davis


From: 12/01/2019
To: 02/29/2020


Clean and maintain yurts and cabins.  Dust, sweep, disinfect surfaces, empty garbages, clean under furniture, mop, pick up litter in sites and assigned loops.  Assist with keeping fire pits cleaned.  Assist with the recycle center.  Reporting emergencies and other problems to staff in a timely manner.  SPECIAL PROJECTS AS ASSIGNED:  This could include but is not limited to, deep cleaning yurts and cabins, assisting staff with brushing, site clean up, painting, weed whacking, trail work, cleaning and scraping curbs, fixing site markers, ice and wood sales, blowing with blower, sewing, minor repairs, sign cleaning, push mowing, paper chasing/restroom cleaning, assisting the OC with inventory for lighthouse.  This is not a complete list of other duties that may be assigned but is a good representation.

If you are interested in this position please email or text me as phone service can be spotty in the park.  Please reference site C61 in your contacts with me.  Thank you!