Campground Host

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area


Lisa Bisbee


From: 09/01/2018
To: 10/15/2018


Historic Farewell Bend State Recreation Area is located on the Oregon-Idaho border northwest of Ontario, exit 353 off I-84.  We offer a beautiful desert experience on the banks of the Snake River's Brownlee Reservoir.  Historic markers and interpretive displays provide visitors with information on Farewell Bend's significance on the Oregon Trail.  The RV and tent campgrounds make excellent base camps as you explore the region.  Brownlee Reservoir offers fishing and boating.

Camp Host duties include:  prepare campsites for incoming campers and clean sites after campers leave; picking up litter, cleaning out fire rings and reporting other campsite needs to a Park Ranger.  Hosts will perform general restroom checks in the mornings, stocking paper products and pick up litter.  Our Catfish camp loop also has two cabins which camp host will clean.  Camp hosts may performa other duties as assigned and/or desired.  Typical schedule is 4 hours per day, 5 days per week with two days off.  Cell phone reception is spotty and there is no WiFi at this location.