Campground Host

Lake Owyhee State Park


Lisa Bisbee


From: 09/01/2018
To: 10/15/2018


Lake Owyhee State Park located near Adrian, Oregon is a remote oasis catering to camping and boating on the shore of a scenic desert canyon reservoir.  Owyhee reservoir is a 53 -mile-long lake, filling a narrow, deep canyon brimming with colorful volcanic rock formations.  Many boaters return year after year to explore the desert canyon and rugged mountains.  Some of the geology is visible only by boat.  Anglers are awarded with excellent warm water catches, especailly for largemouth bass, white and black crappie.  The reservoir also has catfish and is occasionally stocked with rainbow trout.

Camp host duties include: prepare campsites and cabins for incoming campers and clean sites after campers leave; picking up litter, cleaning out fire rings and reporting other campsite needs to a Park Ranger.  Host will perform general restroom checks in the mornings, stocking paper products and pick up litter.  Campground Hosts may perform other duties as assigned and/or diesired.  Typical schedule is 4 hours per day, 5 days per week with two days off.  There are no payphones, cell phone service or WiFi at this Park.  Although there are developed facilties, Lake Owyhee is a remote recreational experience.