L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

Park Conditions updated on 02/14/2019 03:29 PM

FOREST THINNING 2019: Stub Stewart will undergo a thinning operation in and around the Brooke Creek Hike-in area starting May 1 2019. Surrounding trails will also be marked as closed. The area will reopen spring 2020. WINTER 2019: Expect winter weather conditions. Clayhill Horse Staging Area is open for day use. Equestrians must use designated horse trails only. Trail runs from Clayhill down Hares Canyon trail through Jackstraw Terry and back up Hares Canyon. Full loop is ~5 miles. See signs onsite. Hilltop Day Use has been winterized. There is no longer running water at Hilltop. CLOSURES: Closed Until Further Notice — The following trail systems will be closed : - Intersection of Boomscooter trail and the Banks Vernonia Trail (construction) - Williams Creek Horseshoe trail (Construction) - Bucking pass (Downed trees) - Lower Matchcutter Hares Canyon Horse Camp is closed for camping until April 15 2019. Dairy Creek Camp East is closed until March 1 2019. ***Maps of closures are available at the park office. If you have any questions about this operation, please contact Park Manager Chris Gerdes at 503-324-0606 X222.

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