Seneca Fouts Memorial State Natural Area

  General Advisory 01/01/16
Trails within the Mitchell Point trail system have had many issues associated with a winter storm that occurred in 2012. Wygant Trail is impassable at Perham Creek crossing due to a bridge that has washed out and Chetwoot Loop is only open from the junction of Wygant Trail and is impassable south of the power line corridor. See link from trail volunteer partners for updates:
Symbols represent major park features and activities.  Blue icons mean some or all are ADA accessible.

Major Park Features:
  • Vault Toilets (ADA)
  • Exhibit Information (ADA)
  • Viewpoint (ADA)

This would be a great place for a convention if you were a bighorn sheep. In other words, the terrain is rocky, mountainous, desolate and beautiful. This is the third leg of state parks joined together at Mitchell Point (also see Wygant and Vinzenz Lausmann).


Please secure your valuables when enjoying our parks.  Thank you!