Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail

General Advisory
Intermittent rock fall and icy conditions can occur along the trail during the winter season. Please report any issues to 541-374-8811 (Viento State Park) for park staff to respond. Trail closures may occur and will be posted at the segment of trail that is impassable. Please check at the Visitor Center and this website for updates.

Symbols represent major park features & activities. Blue icons mean some/all are ADA accessible.

Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail segments:

This just in, new videos from Oregon Department of Transportation that lay out the future development of sections of Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. Check them out here.

Where motorists on old U.S. Highway 30 once crept around curves high along the cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge, hikers, bicyclists and users of other muscle-driven forms of transportation leisurely enjoy the view from the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. The trail, three disconnected paved ribbons along abandoned stretches of the historic highway, give you more than 12 miles of sightseeing thrills.

Mark O. Hatfield Trailheads (east and west)
The 4.5 mile Twin Tunnels segment between Mosier and Hood River passes through two climate zones. Starting at the east Mark O. Hatfield Trailhead near Mosier, the 1.5 mile trail leads through semi-arid terrain dotted with ponderosa pine for about a mile until you reach the Twin Tunnels. Spectacular geologic formations tell the story of the gorge's creation.

After passing through the tunnels, you'll emerge into a forest of fir trees and other common western Oregon plants. Viewpoints along the 3 mile segment from the tunnels to the west Mark O. Hatfield Trailhead overlook the Columbia River. For more information, stop in at the Visitor Center!

Mark O. Hatfield West Visitor Center
The Visitor Center located at the west Twin Tunnels section of the HCRH State Trail offers information about the outstanding sites along the trail and in the Columbia River Gorge, as well as sales of annual passes and other merchandise. Current hours are 10AM-2PM everyday of the week.

Starvation Creek Trailhead

This 1 mile trail segment begins in Starvation Creek State Park and heads east, ending at Viento State Park.

Historic Columbia River Highway and State Trail bicycle and hiking map


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