Guy W. Talbot State Park

  Construction Advisory 09/14/16
The trail from the parking lot to the lower falls at Latourell Falls will be closed until further notice due to trail construction. The lower falls can still be accesses by the trail from Guy W. Talbot picnic area, and can still be viewed from the viewing platform in the parking lot. The trail is open leading to the upper falls on both the east and west entrances.
Symbols represent major park features and activities.  Blue icons mean some or all are ADA accessible.

Major Park Features:
  • Hiking Trails
  • Picnicking
  • Restrooms Flush
  • Viewpoint
  • Exhibit Information

Guy Webster Talbot and his family used this property as a summer estate until 1929 when they donated it to the state. Today, it's a beautiful picnic park. A modern picnic shelter is available for rent (and is reservable).While the park is terrific for a group or family picnic, the park is often uncrowded even on the best days because of its seclusion. A gently sloping grassy hill dotted with Port Orford cedars, Douglas firs, alders and maples invites frisbee tossing and quiet relaxation.

The tiny town of Latourell borders the north side of the park. Homeowners ask that visitors please respect their privacy. A trail underneath the Historic Columbia River Highway bridge leads directly to Latourelle Falls (250' tall), only a few minutes away by foot.


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