South Beach State Park

Construction Advisory

05/14/2017 to 05/25/2017
A new CXT restroom will replace a port-a-potty in the Cooper Ridge Loop. Construction will begin approximately May 14th until Memorial Weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience but the facility will make for a positive change and experience for you.

General Advisory

05/11/2017 to 05/11/2017
Please be advised Oregon State University (OSU) researchers, park staff and about 100 volunteers will be conducting a tsunami evacuation drill from 10am to 1pm. This drill will allow students/staff to see how people react in an emergency and for park staff to see how the current evacuation signs and paths are used. Participants will be placed around the park in various locations and given 30 minutes to reach a safe destination. All campers not participating will be encouraged to remain in their campsites. If you have any questions, please contact 800-551-6949 from M-F 8 to 5pm.