Alsea Bay Historic Interpretive Center

Park History

Built in 1991 by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) as part of its new bridge construction project, this 4,700 square foot center is managed by OPRD. It was built to memorialize the original 1936 bridge, which was designed by renowned engineer Conde McCullough, and was one of 10 Oregon coast bridges he designed. It had to be demolished due to years of irreversible corrosion brought on by the Pacific coastal environment of rain, wind and salt. The bridge now serving Oregon Coast Highway 101 traffic replaced the original span in August 1991. Only the pylons, spires and some railing incorporated into the Alsea Bay Bridge north wayside remain from the old one, which was demolished on August 24, 1991. OPRD operates the center in cooperation with the Waldport Chamber of Commerce.

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