Nehalem Bay State Park

Park History

The original tract of park land was given to the state by Tillamook County in 1938. Over the years, Tillamook County gave other lands, while the balance was acquired between 1939 and 1963 by purchase and litigation. From time to time, chunks of beeswax for candle making and other artifacts of a once-flourishing trade conducted by navigators between the Northwest Coast of America and Asia have surfaced at Nehalem Bay. In 1955, a large piece of beeswax approximately 15 x 16 inches in size and inscribed with numbers was uncovered in the course of park construction work.

Acreage: 895.11

Annual overnight attendance: 170,357

Annual day-use attendance: 964,052

Nehalem Bay State Park FAQ


Does Nehalem Bay State Park have ADA accessible campsites and facilities?

Three campsites (A13, A30 & A44) and all yurts are accessible to campers with disabilities.  ADA accessible restrooms are located in loops A and F, at the Meeting Hall and the two day-use areas. 

Is horseback riding available at the park?

Yes!  There is a horse concession at our ocean-side day-use area during the summer months.  To reserve a ride, or find out more, please contact the concession at: or (971) 237-6653.

Can I bring pets to the park?

Yes. Pets must be confined by the owner or on a leash not more than six feet long, and kept under physical control at all times. You're responsible to pick up after your pets and to keep them quiet during quiet hours (10 p.m.- 7 a.m.).

Where can I crab and clam around Nehalem Bay?

Please see this map, produced by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Statewide FAQ

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