Campground Host

South Beach State Park


Mo Girard


From: 04/01/2018
To: 05/31/2018


Contact host coordinator for more information

Host Sites, . F-9 (30 amp, paved & gravel parking pad) Bring your own “land line” phone, if you have one (in F-9). “HI” Loop “ (50 amp, gravel parking pad). Campground Hosts”. The duties of campground hosts include, but are not limited to: A-1 & 2 shifts in H/C are normally the evening shift, 4 – 5 day per week. The H/C hours are 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily and are subject to change. F-9 & “HI” loop: fill-in as needed.

·         Customer service and JR Beaver – providing general information and assistance.

·         Maintain a clean, orderly and safe campsite.

·         POS and EOS operations.

·         Picking up litter/raking sites and cleaning stoves. Blowing & picking trails.

·         Checking the playground area for any obvious potential hazards and raking the fill material.

·         Checking and restocking the restrooms. This is especially important for the F-9 & “HI” loop hosts.

·         Checking the Meeting Hall Yurt (A-1 and/or A-2) out after each use; cleaning.

·         Assisting in maintaining the recycling/refuse center as needed.

·         Covering for other counterparts on their assigned days off.

·         Maintaining utility vehicles; battery charging, water levels, etc.