Yurt/Cabin Host

South Beach State Park


Mo Girard


From: 04/01/2018
To: 04/30/2018


Spaces are filling so updated opportunities: April and May 2 positions; April through June 1 position then again in the fall

3 positions from Sept. through Oct . Contact me for details

Host Sites A-4, A-6, A-8 and A-10 (30 amp, paved parking pad) “Campground Yurt Hosts”. (Y.U.R.T. = year round, universal, recreational, tent). The duties of campground yurt hosts include, but are not limited to:

·         Customer service – providing general information and assistance to park visitors.

·         Maintain a clean, orderly and safe campsite.

·         Checking and restocking the restrooms.

·         Clean and maintain the yurt interiors and exteriors, decks, pads and campsite. This involves dusting, sweeping, blowing, mopping, vacuuming, lubricating of door locks. Checking lights (interior and exterior) fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

·         Checking yurt furnishings for damage and doing an amenity inventory after each checkout.

·         Occasional special projects, such as: yurt floor painting, curtain washing or repairs, yurt washing and other various maintenance related projects.

·         Restocking of cleaning supplies as needed and proper maintenance of assigned golf cart and equipment. Golf carts/gators = no smoking, pets, visitors or family members.

·         Depending upon season, possibly assisting in yurt rental (registration) on a periodic basis.

·         Possibly staffing the Hospitality Center.

·         Adhere to OPRD Uniform Policy (OPRD issued hat, visor and vest only).