Custodial Host

Jasper Point (Prineville Reservoir)


Nate Robedeau
541-447-4363 Ex22


From: 08/06/2017
To: 09/30/2017


·        Be accessible to campers at Roberts Bay.

·        Greet and provide information & trash bags to park visitors.

·        Assist staff in park maintenance (check bathrooms and campsites).

·        Litter pick-up.

·        Understand and be able to explain park rules to visitors.

·        Contact park staff or law enforcement personnel when needed.

·        Other specific duties as agreed upon with the park staff.

·        Keep Powder House Cove Day Use Area clean. ouse H

·        Check dispersed vault toilets.

·        Regular patrols of remote areas including Bear Creek Day Use Area

·        Check traffic counters