Campground Host

Bullards Beach State Park


Ranger Patrick Newhall
541-347-2209 ex 224


From: 03/01/2018
To: 03/31/2018


Relief Yurt/Greeting Host

This position serves as a crucial contact point for campers and other park visitors.  You will be expected to greet visitors, distribute park literature, answer questions, receive comments and be readily accessible to the public. This position is also responsible for notifying park staff or law enforcement when emergencies arise or activities within park area warrant a response from staff.  You will also be expected to sell firewood from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM the days you are on duty, as well as check and stock restrooms after hours if necessary. Your other primary duties will be to assist with registration and cleaning of yurts..  This job requires hosts to be ‘on-call’ and near site while on duty, and you may be given other specific duties as assigned by park staff.